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After receiving a wonderful review from a client about how we transformed her hair after using too many box dyes we decided to look into this and maybe offer a bit advice so you can decide if it is something you should be choosing to do at home.

Box dyes definitely serve a purpose for some, those not wanting a massive change in colour for example, those who know how not to over process the hair, as eventually it will look dry and brittle if you are always putting a colour all over your hair every time.

The professional service is not always in people’s budgets but often a box dye at home can become more expensive when you need that dreaded colour correction, which is far more expensive than just having a normal service in the first place. We are professionals for a reason we ensure that the right amount of colour and developer are used to suit the clients hair to prevent as much damage as possible, box dyes are already pre mixed and cannot be tailor made the same principal as one size doesn’t fit all neither does one colour, lots of underlying factors can change an outcome for example do you already have colour on your hair if so it won’t look the same as the colour on the box , on average they will lift 2 shades but what if this is too much and your hair isn’t in a condition to be able to take that lift, on the opposite end if it goes too dark can your hair cope without ruining it with a professional cleanse and colour correction when you do eventually need to visit a salon.

Stacey our senior stylist recently corrected someone’s hair from too many box dies and here is what she said

“Lovely morning being pampered by the fabulous girls from Reds! Thought I was being clever using numerous box dyes (not a good idea) so turned once again to Reds to save the day! Which they did thanks to the amazing Stacey. Her skill and wisdom turned my drab lifeless hair into a gorgeous hairstyle which I can be proud to show off. Booked in for roots and and some extra bits already and will definitely stay clear from the box dyes from now on. A lovely bunch of staff who make your visit extra special and great value for money. Thank you so much and see you soon x”

Box dyes can be done at home absolutely! just make sure it’s right for you, do you need a full head colour or just a root touch up which can be less damaging?

However we would always recommend using a professional service for optimising that glossy healthy hair you really want that can be tailor made to suit you.