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May 30, 2019, 2:25 pm

After receiving a wonderful review from a client about how we transformed her hair after using too many box dyes we decided to look into this and maybe offer a bit advice so you can decide if it is something you should be choosing to do at home.

Box dyes definitely serve a purpose for some, those not wanting a massive change in colour for example, those who know how not to over process the hair, as eventually it will look dry and brittle if you are always putting a colour all over your hair every time.

The professional service is not always in people’s budgets but often a box dye at home can become more expensive when you need that dreaded colour correction, which is far more expensive than just having a normal service in the first place. We are professionals for a reason we ensure that the right amount of colour and developer are used to suit the clients hair to prevent as much damage as possible, box dyes are already pre mixed and cannot be tailor made the same principal as one size doesn’t fit all neither does one colour, lots of underlying factors can change an outcome for example do you already have colour on your hair if so it won’t look the same as the colour on the box , on average they will lift 2 shades but what if this is too much and your hair isn’t in a condition to be able to take that lift, on the opposite end if it goes too dark can your hair cope without ruining it with a professional cleanse and colour correction when you do eventually need to visit a salon.

Stacey our senior stylist recently corrected someone’s hair from too many box dies and here is what she said

“Lovely morning being pampered by the fabulous girls from Reds! Thought I was being clever using numerous box dyes (not a good idea) so turned once again to Reds to save the day! Which they did thanks to the amazing Stacey. Her skill and wisdom turned my drab lifeless hair into a gorgeous hairstyle which I can be proud to show off. Booked in for roots and and some extra bits already and will definitely stay clear from the box dyes from now on. A lovely bunch of staff who make your visit extra special and great value for money. Thank you so much and see you soon x”

Box dyes can be done at home absolutely! just make sure it’s right for you, do you need a full head colour or just a root touch up which can be less damaging?

However we would always recommend using a professional service for optimising that glossy healthy hair you really want that can be tailor made to suit you.

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April 24, 2019, 12:41 pm

WELL, what a day the Reds team had in Leeds!

Two of our talented team – Salon Manager Greg Temple and Colour Specialist Ashley Brennan – had won through to the regional semi-final of the annual L’Oreal Colour Trophy and 15 of us travelled down to the Royal Armouries to help and support them.

There were 35 teams from across the region and we were delighted that Reds were represented by both Greg and Ashley.

There was a great deal of preparation completed before we headed south, as teams only had 30 minutes to prepare models before the live judging.

Greg’s model was the lovely Emily Short, who had been spotted by Reds Business Manager Donna Davis on a night out in Sunderland.

“She was a pleasure to work with and my design involved enhancing her natural curls. More and more people are coming into the salon asking for that sort of look, so it seemed a good thing to go with,” explained Greg.

Ashley’s model was Heidi Young, who she’s known for a while having met her on Instagram.

“I was looking for a sleek and shiny vibe and wanted to come up with a design that clients would come in and ask for,” Ashley said.

Greg has entered the prestigious competition nine times, getting through to the national final once, while this year was Ashley’s sixth entry into the trophy. They’d won through to this stage after successfully winning through the January heats, which are judged on photographic entries.

Greg added: “It’s always a great experience and this year more so than ever – it felt less stressed than previous years and the whole team had a great time. It’s always interesting to see what other stylists are coming up with and what trends are developing in the industry.”

Susan Hall, Reds owner, said: “I’m really proud of Greg and Ashley – and the whole team. We had a busy but enjoyabletime in Leeds and we all had a great day out. Especial thanks must go to Sarah Bell, who worked so hard on the girls’ make-up and also helped style our models.

“We might not have won through to the final, but it was a learning experience – and there’s always next year!”

Reds is a member of L’Oreal’s prestigious Portfolio group of hairdressers, recognised by the hair care giant for their creativity and expertise in the field of professional hairdressing. The salon has previously won L’Oreal’s regional Colour Trophy and a top award from Hair Magazine.

OUR STARS … Ashley and Greg

BUSY DAY … Our models are being prepared for judging at the L’oreal Colour Trophy

Sunday appointments are now available and for more information, log on to www.redshairandbeauty or go to the salon’s Facebook page.

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April 17, 2019, 2:48 pm

TIMEwaits for no man – or woman in this case

As a female hairdresser who is currently going through the menopause I wanted to share my experiences and struggles to let you know you are not alone and everything is perfectly normal. With good advice and products you can feel as glam as you did in your 30s.

Two of the unwanted side effects of ageing for many of us is hair loss and skin problems, and wow,I am shocked at how much this affects your self esteem. A usually confident woman, I am now a hormonal tearful wreck.

Your hormones make you temperamental to the extent where everyone thinks you’re crazy; the doctors try and help with medication that can potentially make your skin breakout, and then one morning you wake up, look in the mirror, and realise you’ve aged and your hair has lost vitality and density.

Of course, I am not advising people to avoid the doctors, they are there to help and many treatments do help a large number of women going through the change- but other things can also help.

Hair can be an expression of our personality and helps create our self image. So losing our hair can be upsetting and may make us feel less feminine. I work around mirrors all day making clients feel good and inside I am screaming at the image looking back at me (myself) thinking stop now! No more ageing. Luckily I work in the right industry and have good knowledge of both hair and beauty products to help myself – and I’m happy to share what I know.

The average age for women to go through the menopause is about 50 and going through this key stage in your life has repercussions for your hair. Many of us will find more hair in the basin when washing, while brushes fill up with loose or dislodged hair. Generally, the volume and general condition of our hair declines.

There are practical measures you can take to help stop hair loss, such as reducing your use of hair straighteners and hair dryers and improving your diet by eating more fresh fruit and vegetables.

Solutions to increase hair growth are on the market. These can take time – up to several months – to take effect and hair loss can return if they’re aren’t used on an ongoing basis.

A good stylist and therapist is a must. If you’re a little embarrassed about having a consultation ask your stylist if they have a private area. Here at Reds we have Private/VIP rooms to ensure your privacy and feelings are always respected. Your stylist/therapist will know your hair and skin and be able to recommend the best thing for you. Sometimes a good cut can give the effect of fuller hair, failing that we have products to enhance change… thank goodness.

I use L’Oreal’sSerioxyl, and I’m happy to recommend it. Our hair grows in three stages: grows, rests and falls out. Serioxyl shampoo and conditioner preps your scalp to ensure anything coating your hair is removed. (Lots of supermarket brands have high levels of silicone that coat the hair, making it harder to penetrate the follicle so these are a must for good results.) Serioxyl night serum will encourage the hair follicle to grow when it’s in the resting stage. The result is thicker, healthier looking hair.

Some women will find their hair thinning all over the head, experiencing a more profound hair loss. This is known as Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL). Very few women, however, suffer from a complete loss of hair as some men do when they go bald. Try not to panic.

During the menopause, our skin is another area that needs extra care. My recommendation is CACI, a non surgical facelift. For me, it’s a must treatment and if it’s good enough for the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Anthea Turner it can be good enough for us too.

CACI is a facelift with no needles involved. It’s like going to the gym and it works in exactly the same way – you work to achieve the best results and then you need to maintain them. Nothing lasts without maintenance, that goes for your skin as well.

It works your facial muscles to help lift and tighten them which then helps plumpout the skin. This helps with the anti -ageing process and reduces fine lines. Thanks to technology, CACI is now so much more than just an anti-ageing facial. The light therapy can help with unusual skin breakouts and rosacea skin tones, it can target more specific areas of concern like your jowl and eye areas as well. If you have any questions please ask your therapist about this – you will love it!

Can we stop the menopause?Absolutely not, but the good news is that there are cosmetic and medical solutions to problems asscociated with it.

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January 17, 2019, 10:20 am

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