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Sage, Marsala, Herb, Orange, Rose…

No we’re not talking dinner party ingredients, these are the must-have colour trends in fashion and beauty this season!

But how to make them work for you? We give our top tips below…



Sometimes it can be tempting to match a statement dress with the same colour eye make-up, or just a neutral colour, but using a complementary colour can really take an outfit to the next level.

Try the following combinations:

  • Green: Gold or bronze eye make-up (add a bit of glitter too for Christmas!)
  • Rose or pale pink: Brown smokey eye
  • Deep red: Grey, ivory or beige, with dramatic black eyeliner
  • Peach: Gold and browns with a touch of cream or ivory

Metallics are also a good choice for this time of year so don’t be afraid to try some new palettes. 



A big trend for Autumn 2015 is ‘greige’ nails – yes, that’s a nail varnish with a touch of grey and a smidge of beige. This lovely neutral colour is versatile enough to wear with any fashion trends this season and it’s low maintenance so no last minute touch-ups required! 

Fancy trying it out? Call the salon to book a luxury manicure in time for your Christmas party: 0191 511 0288



When the days start getting darker, it can be tempting to give your hair a deeper shade too – but fight your instinct and add some soft highlights to give your hair a healthy shine during the colder months.

Give your hair some extra TLC with the amazing new L’Oreal ProFiber range, to revive and restore hair health and colour.


And for the rest of your outfit? Check out Marie Claire’s rundown of Autumn 2015 fashion trends and try some for yourself. We’re loving all the different textures!